October 1, 2018
January 24, 2018


Authorized dealer in Middle East, India & North African region excluding Morocco

Quite simply, Zelda HVLS is a high volume low speed pump that will change how the world moves fluids: quickly, efficiently and easily. WindTrans Systems Ltd. has produced the first high-flow rate pump that operates efficiently at low rotational speeds in either pump or turbine mode. The low working speed allows operation by hand, kinetic power or by motor making it possible for remote use or during times of power failure. At 220rpm Zelda displaces 330 US Gallons per minute or 75.9 cubic meters per hour. From thick heavy molasses, to sludge, fuel or freshwater the Zelda HVLS pump has proven it can pump high and low viscosity fluids with less effort than ever before. In pump mode Zelda is able to self-prime and lift over 27 feet or one full atmosphere at 200 rpm

Features of the Zelda HVLS pump:
 Low RPM, high volume, positive displacement pump  Manual remote pumping  Hand driven manual operation for emergency or crisis management  High efficiency turbine for micro hydro systems  High efficiency for cost savings, low maintenance, quiet pumping  Pumping using kinetic source  Harnessing energy from high torque low speed source  High viscosity fluids such as molasses, honey, paint etc.  Low viscosity fluids such as water, oil etc.  Pumping without emulsifying or blending product  Self-priming & able to lift one atmosphere

 Oil Spill and Hazmat Clean Up  Emergency Fire and Flood Services  Hand Pumping and Alternative Drives  Moves thick / heavy food grade commodities  Power generation / hydraulic transmission / kinetic energy / Turbine  Motor driven pumps – Pipe lines and High volume systems

Target Markets:
 Shipyards / Barge Industry  Oil & Gas  Agriculture: Farming Irrigation  Emergency services: Fires, floods & spills  Hydro electric generation using HVLS pump as a turbine