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VERTEX Aquatic Solutions - USA

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Vertex Aquatic Solutions is a customer-focused lake aeration and floating fountain manufacturer in Florida – USA; designing and building systems for a worldwide market. Vertex Aquatic Solutions is a manufacturer and technology leader in the field of environmentally responsible tools to maintain the health of aquatic ecosystems. We are committed to the restoration and maintenance of both naturally occurring freshwater lakes and ponds, and man-made stormwater/pollution retention ponds.

Is algae making your pond water green and slimy?

No matter where you live, algae is in the water. While too much algae can create numerous problems, they are essential to the ecosystem, providing food for all types of animals including fish, insects, mollusks, zooplankton (microscopic animals). Algae occur naturally in all types of systems and are indicators of an ecosystem’s condition, including the amount and type of nutrients present in the water

Many problems in ponds, lakes, canals, marinas and reservoirs are caused by a lack of oxygen and stratification. Waterways that are "stratified" have increased bottom muck, excessive nutrients, excessive plant and algae growth, and gases. Vertex Water Features advanced diffuser aeration design oxygenates with tiny bubbles that form an ultra-wide column of upward moving water, “turning the pond over” and allowing oxygen to be absorbed at the surface to eliminate these problems

An effective, cost efficient, low maintenance aeration system design is based on the unique characteristics of the pond or lake and utilizing the right components. Our leading product line of advanced diffused aeration adds oxygen to the water, preventing stratification, thereby reducing the need for chemicals to combat problems. Vertex bottom aeration systems naturally reduce algae, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide gases, phosphorus and nitrogen nutrient levels thereby reducing chemical applications while improving water quality, aesthetics and fisheries

Our pond aeration systems are continuously tested
• Many claims are made about the effectiveness of fountains, windmills and other bottom configurations, studies have shown that bottom diffused pond aeration is the most effective
• Vertex has published independent testing of circulation rates, proven results
• Case studies that illustrate the ability of pond and lake aeration to improve single issues such as muck reduction as well as overall improvement in water clarity and quality

We stand behind out products quality
• ETL Equipment listing ensures product meets electrical safety codes
• High efficiency compressors and diffusers provide our pond aeration systems with higher lifting rates with lower power consumption
• “5-year No Questions Asked” diffuser warranty, and 3-year compressor systems warranty
• Self-cleaning pond aeration diffusers, easy to replace filters, extended compressor service intervals

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