April 25, 2014
April 23, 2014


Authorized distributor in UAE

Rotarex design and manufacture some of the world’s most innovative and highest quality cylinder valves, pressure regulators and equipment. The Schmitz family’s strategic vision and deep understanding of the gas industry have propelled Rotarex into the top rank of gas equipment manufacturers. Rotarex headquarters in Luxembourg, the parent company of Firetec, develops innovative gas control products such as FireDETEC object fire suppression systems. It’s a new kind of pre-engineered automatic fire suppression system to install directly inside critical equipment.


Ideal for supplemental protection for critical high risk equipment such as: Electrical Circuitry – Electrical cabinets, Control boxes, Recharging stations, Switch panels, Relay stations. Machinery – CNC machines, Construction machinery, Agricultural machines, Oils, Chemicals and open flame – Fume cabinets, Paint & Chemical storage, Petroleum Storage tanks, Hydraulic circuits Cooking areas – Fryers, Grills, Mobile Kitchens Vehicle Engine – Buses, Trucks, Cars, Trams, Trains, Military heavy equipment, Agricultural Many other applications – Diesel generators, Wind turbines, Construction cranes, Pumping stations, Elevators & escalators, Battery charging stations, Forklifts, Medical laboratory equipment, Test / production equipment, Cable ducts, Transmitters Protects the gap between conventional fire protection systems


 24/7 protection: Automatically detects and suppresses fire at the source  Plug & Play simplicity: Systems and kits are pre-configured to European VdS or NFPA 2001 specifications with plug and play simplicity. No complex electronics  Fast & Effective: Rapid reaction as soon as fire starts, before it can damage equipment and before the sprinkler system activates. Safe against malfunction.  Highly economical: Outstanding cost-performance ratio