April 23, 2014


Authorized representative in Middle East

Looking for Split case; Single stage, two stage, three stage or Compact split case pumps or NFPA pumps, Ships Fire pumps, ISO 2858 end suction pumps, Large end suction pumps or Sewage pumps; Pumpsense will create and deliver a range of centrifugal pumps & technical / business advisory services to the users and makers of centrifugal pumps. While the products will strive to be the best in their class, the services will help the pump users to select the right pump with optimum energy consumption and service life and will also help them get the best performance from their existing pumping installations.

Pumpsense is based on the learning and experience accrued from establishing and running a successful pump manufacturing company, Allied Centrifugal Pumps Pvt Ltd, (ACP), since 1995. This company successfully developed split-case, end suction and inline pumps for industrial, building services and marine applications. In addition, it offered design and development services to international pump companies for listed fire pumps, both split case and inline, and a range of large end suction pumps for the European market. The company merged with WILO SE of Germany in 2005. In 2008, the company produced nearly a 1000 splitcase and end suction pumps and achieved a turnover of US$ 6.0 million with an outstanding bottom line. Himadri and Nandita Sen handed over the management of ACP to Mather+Platt (A WILO Group Company) in May 2009 in order to start PUMPSENSE, a company dedicated to creating innovative products & services for centrifugal pump users and manufacturers.

Pumpsense undertake design and development of new pumps for pump manufacturers and did a range of NFPA split case fire pumps for an international pump makers. Completed supply of custom designed three stage condensate extraction pumps.


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