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June 7, 2019
October 1, 2018


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The unique benefits of EFP® electronic foam proportioner are:

  • The mixing accuracy of 0,1% around the required mixing ratio
  • The proportioning ratios are independent of the properties and temperature of the foam concentrate
  • Test provisions to test the system on a yearly (or even weekly) basis according to NFPA rules, without actually mixing foam concentrate with water. So no loss of foam concentrate, no environmental damage and significant reduction in costs
  • A wide range of flow conditions while dosage accuracy is maintained
  • Zero pressure loss in the water system

The EFP® is an incredibly accurate electronically controlled wide range foam proportioning system. The principle function of the EFP® is the accurate measurement of both the foam concentrates and the water supply with electromagnetic flow meters (EMF). The EFP®’s heart, the central processing unit (CPU), measures out the correct amount of foam concentrate required for the proportioning and continually monitors the amount of foam mixed in. Two electronic valves control the flow at all times and maintain proper foam pressure.