October 1, 2018
January 24, 2018


Authorized distributor in UAE and Middle East
Established in 1996; we are the first and front runner in various technological products in India, be it Lightning Protection or Electrical Installation Materials. Our reactive power compensation panels marked its quality during the initial years of establishment of the company in difficult environmental condition inside wind turbine towers working at high temperature, very high harmonic distortions and frequent change in reactive power demand. DC combiner solutions were unknown once when we delivered outdoor DC panels for SOLAR PV industry during 2002.
Our technical seminars on Lightning Protection not only helped industries in solving failures related to Lightning, surges and Earthing but gave an in-depth knowledge about international standards. "Providing Solutions” is our motto and hence the technical team in Cape Electric are continuously trained to provide end to end solution form design to implementation, rather than selling products for the customers need. Our international collaborations helped us to establish ourselves as a leader in providing solutions against failure due to transient surges. We have conducted more than 500 seminars all over India for various industries and as a result the subject of Surge Protection became known to the industry. In association with leading German and Spanish manufacturers we specialize in the area of double Insulated electricity distribution solutions for Industries. Our UV resistant and high IP protected panels are accepted and appreciated in the industry due to its advantages of non-corrosive behavior and long life.
“SMART BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE SOLUTIONS” of CAPE and unique in which helps in reducing electrical accidents. Our END to END solution offers, design, product development, manufacturing & supply, installation and testing commissioning and periodic maintenance in the field of electrical safety.

Range of products are:
  • Protection of Buildings and Electronics
    • Lightning protection
    • Structural Earthing
    • Earthing system
    • Exothermic welding
    • Surge protection devices
  • Industrial Enclosures
    • Junction Box, Push button and Control Box
    • Distribution Board
    • GRP / FRP Empty Enclosures, Wall mounting enclosures
    • Feeder Pillar (IP43-IP55)
  • Industrial Plug and Sockets
    • Extra Low Voltage & DC Plugs
    • Plug & Sockets for Light and Sound industry
    • Special Industrial Plug & Sockets, Distribution Board Plug & Sockets
  • Timers and Sensors
    • Time
    • Light – Twilight Time Switch, Motion detectors, Presence Detector
    • Climate