Preventing corrosion

    The unique composition of the chemical agent used for descaling and cleaning is the same product Siron Fire Protection Services uses for corrosion inhibition. It cleans the system and prevents further corrosion. Our chemical mix is friendly to the environment and to sea life. The corrosion prevention service can be combined with dry or wet deluge testing. The patented Deluge Corrosion Inhibitor Foam (DCIF) from Siron Deluge Services to reduce corrosion from carbon steel pipe in Deluge Systems.

    Cleaning and descaling deluge pipework

    All water based fire protection systems (on & offshore) should have an unlimited water supply in case of an emergency. Most deluge systems consist of carbon steel piping due to it’s low cost. Carbon steel and sea water however are no fortunate combination. Corrosion throughout the entire deluge system is a well known problem to fill piping and block nozzles. Removing corrosion from your deluge system will extend the life span of the entire system and all components. Siron Fire Protection Services offers two means to descale piping and clear nozzles. Both mechanical and chemical descaling are cost reducing and highly effective. Chemical cleaning and descaling is due to it’s unique composition both oxide preventing as well as completely friendly to the environment. So spillage into the sea is no problem and spill tanks will not unnecessarily be filled with waste water. Minimizing disruption of production operations is always key in our cleaning process.

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